Отель Балтика в Калининграде - Medical tourism

The clinic "New Technologies" has been working on the Kaliningrad market of medical services since 2004.
During this period, it has presented itself as a clinic with a high level of service. It receives patients not only from Kaliningrad, but also from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, from cities of Germany and Poland.

The clinic is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment from the world's leading brands. The specialists of the clinic were trained in leading clinics of Germany, Spain and France. The clinic with an area of 1000 sq. is located in a quiet picturesque place with a view of the lake and has departments of cosmetology, dermatological surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery. The staff of the clinic is 35 people.

The experts of cosmetology department can deal with almost all problems of skin and hair:

  • treatment of acne,
  • removal of various neoplasms (papillomas, atheromas, nevuses, warts) and vessels,
  • treatment of hair loss,
  • correction of scars,
  • prevention of skin wilting (mesotherapy),
  • smoothing out the texture of the skin (chemical and laser peelings),
  • contour plastic and wrinkle removal.

In the department of aesthetic and plastic surgery 3 highly qualified surgeons and 2 anesthesiologists of the highest qualification consult and treat patients. There is an intensive therapeutic ward and a new comfortable hospital for 8 places in the clinic. About 600 operations are performed per year. The clinic values its reputation and, in principle, does not use technologies that primarily pursue commercial goals. New methods are carefully studied at international conferences, symposiums and seminars. The list of Clinic services is constantly increased and updated.

Клиника "Новые Технологии"

Contact information

Plastic Surgery:

Russia, Kaliningrad, Moskovskiy Prospekt, 375
+7 4012 35-35-46, +7 4012 37-75-53


Russia, Kaliningrad, Nekrasova street, 3
+7 4012 332-332