Отель Балтика в Калининграде - Excursions


Route: city of Kaliningrad. Excursion with an inspection of the defensive structures of the city: the tower of Don, the bastion of Oberteich, the barracks of Kronprinz, the bastion of Grolman. Visit to the Lyash Bunker, Fort No. 5, fort No. 11 "Denhoff", Memorial to the "1200 Guardsmen", walk through the Victory Park, a monument to the Heroes of the First World War.

The tour is conducted on Mondays.

Excursion time: from 9 AM to 3 PM

Price: adults - 1300 rubles, children - 1100 rubles per person

City of peace and cheese

Route: Neman, Sovetsk. The bridge of Queen Louise, the house where the Russian Emperor Alexander I stayed. The museum of the city of Sovetsk tells us about Napoleon and the Tilsit world. Ruins of the castle Ragnit, a walk around the city of Neman. Visit the cheese factory "Deutsches Haus". You will see the process of creating cheese, a master class on cheese making, tasting. Lunch for extra payment.

The tour is conducted on Tuesdays.

Excursion time: from 9 AM to 5 PM

Price: adults - 2000 rubles, children - 1800 rubles per person

About the churches, knights and castles

+ beer tasting in Nesselbek Castle

Route: settlement Rodniki, pos.Nizovje, settlement Nekrasovo. Kirche of the 14th century Arnau (Rodniki village) with medieval frescoes, Castle Waldau (in the village of Nizovye), the ruins of the castle of Shaaken (Nekrasovo village), the museum of the inquisition in the basements of Schaaken Castle. You can take pictures in knight armor. Tasting freshly brewed beer in Nesselbek Castle.

The tour is conducted on Tuesdays.

Excursion time: from 9 AM to 3 PM

Price: adults - 1600 rubles, children - 1400 rubles per person

The most western city of Russia

Route: Baltiysk, previously enclosed base of the Baltic Fleet. You will visit the most interesting museum of the Baltic Fleet. You will learn the history of the formation of the fleet, strolling along the embankment, where there are warships and civil vessels next to the ferry crossing in front of the monument to Peter the Great and the beacon of the famous architect Shinkel. You will see the Orthodox Church of St. Admiral Ushakov in the walls of the Protestant Kirch of the beginning of the XX century, the Swedish fortress and Prussian barracks of the imperial period; a monument to Queen Elizabeth Petrovna. Take a walk around the sea and the beach of the Baltic Sea.

The tour is conducted on Wednesdays.

Excursion time: from 10 AM to 3 PM

Price: adults - 950 rubles, children - 900 rubles per person

National park Curonian Spit

National park Curonian Spit - this is the visiting card of the Kaliningrad region: ecological routes Height Efa and Dancing forest, sand dunes, the opportunity to buy smoked fish. The tour program includes a visit to the Museum Complex of the National Park and the Museum of Russian Superstitions. Fish dinner for extra payment (450 rubles/person).

The tour is conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Excursion time: from 9-30 AM до 5-30 PM

Price: adults - 1200 rubles, children - 1100 rubles per person

Boarding is carried out from the hotel Moscow (Prospect Mira 19-21), from the hotel Kaliningrad (Leninsky Prospect 81), from the hotel Tourist (53 Nevsky St.)

For more information and excursions, call: +7 963 29-24-117